Nafees Spice

14 Sep , 2014 Nottingham,Restaurant

Nafees spice berridge road meal deals Meat curry deal any meat curry ,rice & naan £5.99 Veggie curry deal any veg curry ,rice & naan £4.99 £3.50 2pcs chicken with doner meat &chips £3.50 call 01159700277 to order

Laziz Nottingham

27 Aug , 2014 Nottingham,Restaurant

Laziz Nottingham Review by Abdul Aziz Laziz used to be my favorite take away joint for fast food whenever i don’t want to cook and i fancy something different. The chicken and crispy used to be tasty then. Now it appears that the takeaway has new owners who are trying to change the place by […]


Moroccan Recipes And Cuisine

16 Jun , 2013 Eating out-Nottingham,Ingredients,Recipes,Restaurant

Moroccan Recipes And Cuisine Considered as one of the most diversified and sumptuous food, Moroccan cuisine offers a delightful experience. There primary reason contributed to the diverse Moroccan food is it’s interaction with the outside world for centuries. Food in Morocco has blended different cuisines from different cultures like Moorish, Arab, Middle Eastern, Berber, Jewish, […]

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Restaurants in Nottingham

9 Jun , 2013 Eating out-Nottingham,Nottingham,Restaurant

Restaurants in Nottingham Have been to good restaurants in Nottingham? What was your experience? Was the service Good? WAs the food Good? Priced Reasonably? What about the restaurant was it clean? Please send us an email or leave your comments about your dining experience in Nottingham. We will also post our reviews of restaurants that […]

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Bon Appetit!

2 May , 2012 Eating out-Nottingham,happiness,Nottingham,Restaurant

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