Laziz Nottingham

27 Aug , 2014 Nottingham,Restaurant

Laziz Nottingham
Review by Abdul Aziz
Laziz used to be my favorite take away joint for fast food whenever i don’t want to cook and i fancy something different.
The chicken and crispy used to be tasty then.
Now it appears that the takeaway has new owners who are trying to change the place by adding new lines like curries and the usual fare of Donner.

In my opinion while its good for profits its not good for the customer like who me who has always enjoyed the original laziz flavour.

The pricing is has also changed and the menu is confusing with weirdly named meals like O.M.G.
i ordered the O M G meal which is meant to be 2 pcs chicken and two spicy wings and fries for £3.29
Well when i opened the box at home i did say omg!!! the spicy wings were sooo tiny i just laughed i think its a joke and overpriced and not well cooked.

I wish them well but i hope they improve and please change the oil otherwise people like me who are sensitive to not so clean oil (fat)

I also feel the service is quite slow and a bit disorganized i dont understand why two people have to prep one meal first person puts chicken in a box calls someone from the back room to put chips in the box … ohh well

thats my two cents for today
facts:i bought the £3.29 meal on 27 august 14 and it took half an hour to get my order.

Value: not worth £3.29

As usual this is my personal opinion from personal experience
If you have been to Laziz what was your experience let us know leave a comment or send me a tweet @topnottingham



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