Top 5 Things to Do In Nottingham UK

25 Aug , 2014 Nottingham

Top 5 Things to Do In Nottingham UK

 Nottingham is one of the prime cities in the UK. It is a home of the best establishments for food, attraction, education, and entertainment. In fact, Nottingham is also very popular to people who are fascinated with the story of Robin Hood.

There are so many things to do in Nottingham UK. If you are planning to visit the place very soon, then here are some of the tips that you might want to consider, in order to have a well time spent in the said city.

 Nottingham Castle & The Caves

If you are fond of looking at old castles and be mesmerized with its story, then visiting the Nottingham Castle & The Caves is definitely a great idea. Although it was built in the 17th century, the Nottingham Castle & The Caves proves to be one of the most highly engineered buildings during their time, which you can see and prove by checking out the maze it has inside.

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 Food & Dining

The nice thing about Nottingham is that you will find a great mix of restaurants offering different types of cuisines found in the whole world. That being said, you can enjoy yourself checking out one restaurant from another, which is like getting a taste of what the world has to offer.

 Rock City

For party people, the Rock City is definitely the place to be, if you want to enjoy your every night in Nottingham. It is considered as Nottingham’s premier clubs, where people can enjoy good and cool music, great food, and get to mingle with fellow party goers. This club has been in the business for more than 30 years already, so you can consider that you are inside a club that knows what the people are looking for, when they want to enjoy and dance the night away.


Green’s Mill & Science Center

If you want to take your kids in a windmill museum, then the Green’s Mill & Science Center is the best place to visit. This educational facility is great if you want to show your kids how flour is made, as well as be educated with some science projects that is also available in the center. Your kids will surely enjoy the this place, so make sure to visit it when you get in Nottingham.


Go Ape

Actually, Go Ape is in the border of Nottingham, but it is definitely worth your time. It is best for people who want to enjoy the outdoors, as well as the many activities that you can do in the outdoors. You will surely be thrilled and exhilarated in Go Ape.

These are just some of the things to do in Nottingham UK. There are still more. So if you are planning to visit the place very soon, consider including the places above in your itinerary, in order for you to get the best and most memorable experience that you and your family will be able to treasure for life.

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